About ORCA

Get ready to experience ORCA:  Compliance at the Speed of Change

When it comes to meeting insurance regulatory compliance requirements, saving time, money and getting the job done right is key.

Introducing the Open Compliance Regulatory Armature—a new software platform poised to radically change business workflows during a juncture in history when the time, risk and expense of dealing with insurance regulatory compliance requirements has dramatically skyrocketed.

Also known as “ORCA,” the Open Compliance Regulatory Armature will enable insurance holding companies to save time and money by quickly, effectively and accurately assembling and submitting form filings associated with new Insurance Company Holding laws–heretofore an expensive, intensive and complex endeavor that ORCA can now accomplish at a fraction of the time and cost normally shouldered by typical compliance and legal departments.

With the advent of Enterprise Risk Filing and global regulatory convergence, ORCA’s introduction within the insurance industry focuses initially on Insurance Holding Company filings—specifically Form F.  The ORCA product will soon be rolled out to other related insurance regulatory Forms, as well as the Own Risk and Solvency Assessment requirements (also known as ORSA).